2018 Predator-Prey GRC


I had the opportunity to attend my second GRC this past month in Ventura, CA. I love the Predator-Prey Interactions GRC for so many reasons; the smaller conference size, the opportunity for interactions through meals and poster sessions, breakout sessions that lead to collaboration and ideas, and the general excitement for expanding our knowledge in this broad area. The theme of this year was “Mechanisms and Outcomes of Predator-Prey Interactions: Scaling Across Space and Time”, which led to awesome talks that not only spanned across taxa, time and space, but also across disciplines. The opening talks discussed the combination of field and laboratory studies – highlighting some of the pitfalls of doing our work solely in one context or the other. Following the plenary, we had 4 days of research talks on the evolution of predator-prey interactions, landscape level considerations, neurobiology, and transgenerational effects of predators on prey. One of my favorite sessions was on prey responses to predator cues – which is what much of my research focuses on! When I got back to the east coast, I came back with lots of ideas, new friendships, collaborations, some jet-lag, and a touch of sun! It is definitely worth experiencing at least one GRC if you can!!


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